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Since 1965, HomeTech Publishing has supplied business materials and cost estimating systems that help contractors, remodelers and service professionals achieve profitability. Published twice yearly, our flagship Cost Estimator books are an industry standard with zip code-specific, up-to-date material and labor rates. We produce individual books for over 200 areas of the US and Canada, each one containing costs specific to those individual areas, assuring that the costs are accurate for your local area.

Now, and for the first time ever, we are inviting top tier supply houses, like you, to take part in an exclusive reseller program. As a partner in this program, we will offer each of our four Cost Estimator books to you at a wholesale price.

Become a Partner in Our Exclusive Lumberyard Program Today!

Not just a reseller, but a partner in a program that offers real value

Reseller Pricing Structure

Our Cost Estimator Books Make A Great Marketing Opportunity

The books create not only an additional profit center, and an opportunity to establish or reinforce long-term relationships, but they also present a unique marketing opportunity.

Your information will be imprinted directly on the front cover and acts as a constant reminder of your company and your brand.

Your name will be in front of your customers every time the book is used to create an estimate.

Because the Cost Estimator books are updated in both January and July, they draw customers into your shop to purchase updated books as well as building materials.

These books also make great gifts from your sales team to your most valued customers.

The Remodeling and Renovation Cost Estimator contains over 300 pages of the items remodelers use most. Our research staff is constantly studying new installation practices and researching new materials in order to update and add to the over 3,000 items in the manual. You can be sure that if remodelers do it, it is in the manual!

Our HomeTech Publishing Handyman Cost Estimator will give the ability to price small jobs (under $4000) with the speed and accuracy HomeTech Publishing products have been delivering for over 47 years.

In conjunction with the National Kitchen & Bath Association, HomeTech Publishing created the Kitchen and Bath Cost Estimator. This book has the same easy-to-use format as our other cost estimators, with greatly expanded plumbing and cabinet sections covering the newest products and techniques.

The HomeTech Publishing Housebuilders Cost Estimator is more than a reference book. It is a system that lets you estimate complete houses in minutes, quickly double-check subcontractor bids, and get fast, easy access to labor and material costs for virtually every house you will ever build!

Again, this is the first time in our history that we are offering the Cost Estimator books for resale. Because HomeTech is a full service, in-house publisher we make ordering easy. We welcome you to get a jump on your competition and take advantage of this offer now.

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