Handyman Maintenance & Repair Cost Estimator

$169 per book

For the handyman, maintenance or repair professional who want to run their business – not let it run them.

– For Most Jobs Under $5,000

– Locally Adjusted Cost Pricing



Why use the Handyman Maintenance & Repair Cost Estimator?

Discover the ease and precision of our HomeTech Publishing Handyman Maintenance & Repair Cost Estimator, designed to guide you in pricing small jobs (under $5000) swiftly and accurately. Furthermore, with over 50 years of delivering reliable products, HomeTech Publishing has been a trusted name in the industry. Equally important, this wealth of experience provides the quality and dependability you can expect from our cost estimator, making it a valuable tool for professionals and professionals alike.

Proven Cost Estimating Efficiency, coupled with simplicity

This system mirrors the layout of the HomeTech Publishing Remodeling & Renovation Cost Estimator, maintaining the same 25 divisions that guide you seamlessly from Plans and Permits to the final Clean-up stage. Furthermore, our commitment to consistency and user-friendly design ensures that whether you are estimating costs for remodeling or smaller maintenance and repair tasks, the process remains intuitive and efficient.

Handyman Maintenance & Repair Cost Estimator stays at the industry forefront and is unlike any other

In fact, the latest updates in the Handyman Maintenance & Repair Cost Estimator not only reflect our dedication to staying at the top of industry metrics but also enhance the relevance of the information provided. Additionally, we introduce new materials and processes, ensuring that the content remains current and aligned with the latest trends in the field. Notably, our new books now incorporate man hours per line item, in effect, providing users with a detailed breakdown of labor requirements for a more improved accuracy.

Additionally, knowing the importance of local context in getting accurate cost estimation, our books go the extra mile by providing your local area pricing for both materials and labor. Uniquely, this customization is designed to tailor the information due to specific economic conditions in your region, as a result, ensuring that your estimates not only maintain precision but, coupled with the unique factors influencing costs in your local market. Likewise, these updates make our Handyman Maintenance & Repair Cost Estimator into a user-centric tool, providing not just information but insightful data to meet your needs.

In conclusion, our experience and innovation of the HomeTech Publishing Handyman Maintenance & Repair Cost Estimator is unmatched. Additionally, our dedication to staying at the forefront of industry ensures that our cost estimator remains a reliable and up-to-date resource for you.

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