Indeed, the most widely used and respected home inspection report in the industry today!

Home Inspection Report

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In essence, the easiest to use pre-printed checkbox Home Inspection Report Form reigns supreme in simplifying your inspection processes.

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But, seeing is believing! To receive a free sample copy, just give us a call at 1-800-240-8210 or Click here to see sample of book. Give it a try and then place your order to join hundreds of the country’s best inspectors who depend on HomeTech to deliver the very best!


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Why use our Home Inspection Report?

Consider the home inspection report as essential as the trusty flashlight you carry to illuminate your way through your daily tasks. Its significance cannot be overstated, transcending the intricacies of a thorough inspection or the extent of your technical expertise. Furthermore, the litmus test of your success lies in the clarity and understanding that the report imparts to your clients and their agents. Consequently, if the findings are not easily decipherable, it poses a threat to the very foundation of your business.

Additionally, our report is super easy to use and widely accepted in the industry. Plus, more than 100,000 contractors prefer it, beating our two biggest competitors combined. It’s a big 56-page report with three copies, not only filled with great content but also looking good. Unlike other systems with loose papers, the HomeTech Report comes ready to go, with a glossy cover that agents all over the country recognize and respect.

Indeed, the decision to embrace the HomeTech Publishing system is not merely a practical one; instead, it’s a judicious and economical choice. Notably, our home inspection reports are budget-friendly, with costs as low as $29.95 per inspection report in quantity—a fraction of the expense compared to many other reporting systems available in the market. Opting for HomeTech Publishing isn’t just about adopting a reliable and practical report; rather, it’s a strategic investment that aligns with your budget, ensuring sustained success and efficiency for your home inspection business in the long run.

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