Building and Property Inspection Software

$295 per subscription

Perfect for, Property Managers, Facility Maintenance and Building Managers.

All the great features of Building Analysis Report on your Desktop or Tablet for building and property inspection software.

Use our Building and Property Inspection Software to deliver the most respected report form in the industry.

NEW Photos and email capability!!!

NO MORE handwritten reports.

Hassle-free property inspection process with our Building and Property Inspection Software.

It’s as easy as using your mouse to check boxes, picking from pre-written remarks to describe issues, and printing the report right on the spot. Plus, you can add your own comments to personalize the system and make it work just the way you like during inspections.

This software is super user-friendly. You can smoothly navigate through the inspection checklist with simple clicks, making the whole process quick and accurate. The checkboxes are right where you need them, helping you capture essential property information effortlessly.

What sets this software apart is the library of pre-written remarks.

It gives you ready-to-go comments that describe common issues found during inspections. And, if you come across something unique, you have the freedom to add your own personalized remarks. This feature allows you to customize the system to match your inspection style, making it a versatile tool that fits your needs.

As you conduct inspections, the software becomes an extension of your expertise. Your ability to add personalized remarks ensures that your reports are not only detailed but also reflect your professional insights. This personal touch helps build trust with clients, showing them that you pay attention to the little details and are committed to providing top-notch inspection services.

Real-Time Reporting

One of the best things about this software is its real-time reporting. You can print the report on-site, giving your clients instant insights into the property’s condition. This quick turnaround not only shows off your professionalism but also lets your clients make decisions faster.

In summary, our Building and Property Inspection Software makes property inspections a breeze. With its user-friendly design, pre-written remarks, and customization options, it’s a must-have for inspectors who want to boost efficiency and deliver outstanding service. Step into the future of property inspections with this handy tool that puts control, convenience, and customization right in your hands.

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