Website Project Cost Estimator

$49 per month
Add estimator functionality to your website

Website Project Cost Estimator

Welcome to the future of lead generation The HomeTech Website Project Estimator has been developed to easily allow the average homeowner the ability to pick out their desired home improvement project, get an idea of costs,and submit their project along with their contact info for you directly through your website.

Here are the easy steps to add this widget to your website:

  1. Purchase online, call us at 800-240-8210, or email
  2. We will provide you with a snippet of code for you or your webmaster to add to your existing website. You can size the widget to fit whatever works best within your existing website (button,banner,box,etc)
  3. Provide us with an email address to send the leads.
  4. Go close the deal, it’s that simple!

Why pay per lead when you can generate your own quality leads through your website directly to your email address

Imagine waking up in the morning and having leads and projects that clients have already picked out waiting in your email inbox.

ATTENTION! — Please be aware when purchasing this product $49 price is a per month charge Learn More

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