Kitchen & Bath Cost Estimator

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Our new Kitchen & Bath Cost Estimator now has 300+ Specialties, Including Layouts



Kitchen & Bath Cost Estimator Updated

The new books have been updated with new materials and processes, and now include man hours per line item as well as your local area pricing for materials and labor.

Are you ready to estimate their projects?

We teamed up with the National Kitchen & Bath Association to bring you a new cost estimator for kitchen and bath remodeling. This book is easy to use, just like our other cost estimators. It has a big plumbing section with more than 50 pages, covering things like sinks, baths, and lavatory tops. The cabinet section is extensive too, with 38 pages about different types of cabinets. If you’re looking for appliances, there are 11 pages about them, and we also have a 6-page section on countertops. This book is a helpful resource for your remodeling project, making your decisions easier and ensuring your project is a success.

More Features for our Kitchen & Bath Cost Estimator

The cabinet section is impressive. It has more than 50 pages filled with lots of helpful information. We’ve dedicated a whopping 38 pages to different types of cabinets, covering everything from the common wall cabinets to special ones like wine racks and desk cabinets. This means we’ve got you covered for all your cabinet needs.

If you’re looking for the best appliances for your kitchen or bathroom, our book can help. We’ve got 11 pages that carefully guide you through a variety of choices, from modern built-in refrigerators to efficient vented cooktops.

We also cover countertops in 6 pages, making sure you know about all the options, from practical plastic surfaces to the fancy beauty of granite.

In short, this new cost estimator is a super helpful tool for anyone doing a kitchen or bathroom remodel. It’s packed with information and guidance, making your decision-making easier and ensuring your project goes well.



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