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Why use Cost Estimating Books Subscription?

Published twice yearly, our flagship Cost Estimating Books Subscription have become an industry standard, offering zip code-specific, up-to-date material and labor rates. Hometech takes pride in publishing four comprehensive cost estimating books, covering Remodeling & Renovation, Handyman, Kitchen & Bath, and House Builders. With a commitment to accuracy and relevancy, we produce individual books for 218 areas across the US and Canada. Each of these books contains costs tailored to the specific nuances of the individual areas, ensuring that the estimates are precise and reflective of the local economic conditions.

Proven Cost Estimating Efficiency, coupled with simplicity

We always aim to stay ahead in our field, and our latest book editions show that commitment. These books bring important updates, incorporating new materials and processes to keep the information relevant and up-to-date. A notable improvement in our Cost Estimating Books Subscription is the addition of man hours per line item, giving a detailed breakdown of the labor needed for each task. We also recognize how important your local context is in estimating costs. That’s why our books now show the pricing for both materials and labor specific to your local area. This careful customization ensures that the estimates aren’t just accurate but also consider the specific economic factors affecting costs in your local market.

In short, our Cost Estimating Books Subscription is a useful resource for both professionals and enthusiasts. Updated twice a year, they make sure the information stays current and reflects changes in the industry. The inclusion of rates specific to your zip code means the costs are tailored to your local area. With these recent updates, the Cost Estimating Books Subscription remains a standard-setting, user-friendly tool that provides valuable insights beyond generic estimates, catering to your specific local needs.

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