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All in 1 Home Construction Cost Estimator

$387 per book

Create accurate, professional construction estimates for any job with our All in 1 Home Construction Cost Estimator!

– Over 17,000 line item to choose from, pre-priced for your local area.


*NEW* All in 1 Home Construction Cost Estimator book

The new Hometech Home Construction Cost Estimator Book is a significant upgrade. It covers the latest materials and methods, offering more than just material costs. Additionally, it provides information on task durations, giving a complete project view. It also aligns prices with your local area for both materials and labor.

Cost Estimating Innovation

This innovation is packed into the Hometech Cost Estimator Book, combining information from four key categories: Remodeling and Renovation, Handyman, Kitchen and Bath, and House Builders. By consolidating these categories, it becomes a treasure trove for anyone in construction-related projects. It doesn’t just provide specific details but offers a broad perspective on potential costs, aiding informed decisions.

New Line Items

The Hometech Cost Estimator Book excels in organization, with over 17,000 prices neatly categorized. It’s a go-to guide for professionals, DIY enthusiasts, and those in construction, remodeling, or renovation. Going further, the book customizes information to your location, down to your zip code. This goes beyond generic resources, becoming a super practical tool tailored to your local construction scene.

Why use the our solution?

In simple terms, the Hometech Cost Estimator Book is a guide for less complicated construction estimates. It’s not just about accurate numbers; it helps understand the entire estimation process. Whether you’re a pro or new to DIY, this book becomes a reliable friend, understanding the specific challenges of your local building scene.

The fusion of four major categories in the Hometech Cost Estimator Book streamlines and unifies information. With just one book, you access details on remodeling, renovation, handyman tasks, kitchen and bath projects, and house building. This saves time and encourages a comprehensive approach to project planning, understanding all aspects of construction.

Packed with helpful insight and organization for seamless cost estimates

It’s not just a collection of prices and data; the Hometech Cost Estimator Book adapts to your needs. With over 17,000 line item prices, it provides a detailed overview of potential costs. Each price is carefully sorted, making it easy to find necessary information. This organization turns the book into a handy companion for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Local price data!

The practical part is the book’s customization based on your location. By tailoring information to your zip code, the Hometech Cost Estimator Book becomes a local guide. This is invaluable for dealing with regional challenges, pricing variations, and material availability. It’s a must-have for anyone in construction, offering a personalized resource beyond generic estimates.

The Hometech Cost Estimator Book demonstrates the power of simplicity and comprehensiveness in construction estimates. By simplifying cost estimation, it empowers informed decisions. It’s not just about data; it ensures understanding of intricacies in construction projects. Whether you’re a pro handling complex builds or a DIY enthusiast, the book becomes a guide you can depend on. It not only provides accurate numbers but understands the specific challenges and features of your local building scene.



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